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Better to see once than to hear 100 times !

The inimitable wonders of the Zarasai countryside, the crystal  fresh waters the Cicero Lake, the rustling of the forest and the very comfortable living conditions help you to forget your everyday worries. Being so close to nature will help you to relax, find peace of mind, recover your strength and enrich your soul, all so necessary in today’s hectic world. Man and his natural environment are in one accord, touch it and this wonderful music for your heart will make you want to listen and listen...

When it’s time to return home, there’s no need for sadness, because those melodies are ringing here all year around – so you can return whenever you want, again and again…

The place you have been dreaming about all year !

Farmstead owners : Vitalija and Laurynas Trimoniai

Lithuania 4780
Zarasai region
Suviekas elder
Bikűnai village

GPS: N 55.83458o  E 26.12437o

Contacts :

Phones :     
                  +370-686-04665 mobile
                   +370-616-39567 mobile